New Yorkers: What MTA Train Are You Hatin’ On?

Today I joined the “1,000,000 People Against the MTA Fare Hike” group on Facebook (of which there are currently only 1,670 members) and there is a discussion about “Your Favorite Overpriced Train”. This is hilarious… totally made my day. Thank you, Denise G.


I’ll tell you which trains I hate, because there are no favs. I hate the A because it’s crowded, even at 2:48 am.
I hate the 4 because it comes 3 times as many as the 5 train.
I need the 5 train, but I also hate that train because it comes in 1/3 of the amount of times that the 4 train comes.
I hate the 2 because three 3 trains, three 4 trains and three of every other train (including the shuttles) going on another direction arrives. Then the 2, extremely crowded, stinky with a patch of empty bench space where a bum probably was sprawled out with nothing but a sea of angry MTA customers about the smell arrives… Not to mention in the morning when the trains are behind schedule and they honk as soon as it passes the platform because they’re not stopping… oh maaaan that gets under my skin

I also hate the E for pretending to be the C train when im sleeping, but I’m willing to take responsibility for that one.

I’m definitely hating on the 6 train because the 4 and the 5 train (which I hate) always likes to announce (ladies and gentlemen, in order to provide the best possible service for ALL our customers, we’re waiting for connecting passengers on an arriving train) BULLSHIT ONLY AT DAMN BROOKLYN BRIDGE DO THEY DO THAT CRAP! How many times am I getting off the three train to connect with the 5 (being that the 2 train is SOOO reliable) and as SOON as the doors open for the “connecting passengers” the doors close and it becomes a departing train. Oh yea…. pet peeve right there.

I could go on… The B and the Q, never really bothered be, The D train kinda pisses me off for skipping the N @ Atlantic Pacific at times but they’re okay.

As an ending to this little rant, I’d like to raise this question. why the HELL do the Blue lines (ACE) and the Yellow Lines (QNWR) only connect at 42nd street and you have to walk through a tunnel? thats some bulllllllshit right there. How the hell am I supposed to get from Astoria Queens to Bedstuy Brooklyn without waiting 4 freakin hours eh?’
Yea, lets raise the fares…. We’ll raise hell!!!





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