POSITION AVAILABLE: Sr. Contributor, Re-Tweeter

I just caught wind of this job posting from Organic, Inc. Best April Fool’s Joke I saw this year… maybe ever.

POSITION AVAILABLE: Sr. Contributor, Re-Tweeter

Organic is a leading digital communications agency. We work on everything digital – from websites to online marketing campaigns, from mobile applications to digital billboards. We are passionate about social media. Our clients include Chrysler LLC , Bank of America , Estee Lauder , and Ethan Allen .

Due to the exploding popularity of the social network Twitter, Organic is looking for an experienced re-tweeting specialist to spread the word for our clients. The right candidate will be a plug-n-play, self-starting go-getter who can tap into the Twitterverse, buzz, and tweet it back to the masses.

Position Summary

The Sr. Contributor, Re-Tweeter is primarily responsible for latching on to the current trends and regurgitating 140-character digests to their followers.

Work Experience and Skill Requirements

  • Candidate must have no less than 432 followers
  • Thumb-type skills at 30+ wpm.
  • Expert Haiku writers will have a leg up.
  • The ability to multitask—or at least appear as if you can.
  • Experience in deflecting responsibility/forwarding email/perfectly-crafted away messages.
  • A heartfelt belief that your endorsement lends authenticity to anything you find on the Internet
  • A knack for making irrelevant data sound witty
  • Robot-like skill in parsing @ signs, # signs, l337 5p33k and emoticons is a plus m(_ _)m
  • Attention to detail optional

Education, Certification or Prior Work Requirements

  • BS in Social Ecosystems

Visit http://cli.gs/E0Eqgs to see what we’re talking about today. Feel free to re-tweet this posting. No third-party staffing inquiries please.

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