Hansel and Gretel Make a Detour in Brooklyn

After living for eight years in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn (which is by far my favorite area of NYC), I packed my bags two months ago and moved south to Bay Ridge. Rents are just becoming outrageously high in Park Slope now, with 1 bedrooms at $1800-2000/month pretty much the norm and I just couldn’t do it anymore. After looking around Bay Ridge for a few months my partner and I decided that the neighborhood, though older and not as “trendy” as Park Slope, has some really good restaurants and bars, is close to the water, and offers considerably cheaper rents for the same size or larger apartments. Sure, it takes me an hour now to get into Manhattan for work and I only get to Park Slope about once a week for softball games in Prospect Park, but I’m starting to feel more “at home” here as I explore more of the neighborhood.

I’ve been doing more walking around here the last few weekends and kept noticing the varied styles of architecture, including some seriously huge mansions, especially the closer you get to the water. So I Googled some info about Bay Ridge’s architecture and I found this historic building, The Gingerbread House, located at 83rd and Narrows. Who knew this was just a few blocks away? Does anyone live there? I’m definitely going to have to stop by.

We have family coming to town at the end of the month and were thinking of taking them on a walking tour of the neighborhood. Does anyone have recommendations of other historic spots to check out?

gingerbreadhousePhoto by Kristen Goode via About.com

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