Same-Sex Marriage: An Expression of American Values

Below is an excerpt from a piece published in Newsweek entitled The Conservative Case for Gay Marriage by Ted Olson, one of the lawyers arguing before a federal court that Proposition 8 violated the California Constitution. I had to re-post this because it is a brilliant argument that debunks all “traditional” conservative myths about legalizing marriage between same-sex couples. He strips marriage down to what it is at its core – the epitome of the values this nation was founded upon – and shows that denial to a group that wants to strengthen these values is an injustice. Good luck in the Prop-8 hearings, Mr. Olson.

Many of my fellow conservatives have an almost knee-jerk hostility toward gay marriage. This does not make sense, because same-sex unions promote the values conservatives prize. Marriage is one of the basic building blocks of our neighborhoods and our nation. At its best, it is a stable bond between two individuals who work to create a loving household and a social and economic partnership. We encourage couples to marry because the commitments they make to one another provide benefits not only to themselves but also to their families and communities. Marriage requires thinking beyond one’s own needs. It transforms two individuals into a union based on shared aspirations, and in doing so establishes a formal investment in the well-being of society. The fact that individuals who happen to be gay want to share in this vital social institution is evidence that conservative ideals enjoy widespread acceptance. Conservatives should celebrate this, rather than lament it.

A Changing Tide

Legalizing same-sex marriage would also be a recognition of basic American principles, and would represent the culmination of our nation’s commitment to equal rights. It is, some have said, the last major civil-rights milestone yet to be surpassed in our two-century struggle to attain the goals we set for this nation at its formation. [Read full article]

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4 Responses to Same-Sex Marriage: An Expression of American Values

  1. Rob F says:

    Although Mr. Olson didn’t cover it, marriage equality is also good for the economy. It will benefit the wedding industry (and why would anyone be opposed to something that benefits industry while we are in a recession?) and allowing marriage will be, in economic terms, the equivalent of giving same-sex couples a tax cut (conservatives often favour tax cuts).

  2. dwag says:

    Thanks Rob! Good points. Although some couples don’t wait for legalization to have wedding commitment ceremonies/receptions, most same-sex couples will. My upcoming wedding will be in either California & Hawaii and many family members and friends will have to travel, so the benefit to the travel industry is one not to be forgotten, as well.

  3. Rob F says:

    I hope your wedding goes well and turns out to be successful.

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