Two things that annoy me on Twitter

Want to know what annoys me on Twitter? Well, a lot of things. But with particular regard to brands that are jumping on the Twitter bandwagon because they feel they have to keep up, these two items come to mind:

1) Brands that talk like they are writing copy for a banner ad. I am a marketer. I write copy for banner ads all the time. But that’s not what Twitter is for. It’s not another banner ad. Twitter is a conversation medium. Especially for brands, it’s a way to establish a connection with people who have opinions about the brand and to create positive viral influence for the brand. Marketers: talk to your Twitter audience like you would talk to your friends. Be real. So rather than “50% off all Brooklyn Industries handbags – this weekend only!” you might say “If you love Brooklyn Industries handbags, you’re in trouble: we’ve got em all at half price this weekend. Don’t buy too many at once!”

2) Brands that don’t upload a profile photo. This is just unbelievable to me. Every brand has a logo. Every person behind a brand has a photo of themselves. How can anyone even think about posting a tweet on behalf of a brand without uploading a photo first? Since I follow hundreds of people, whether using or a Twitter client, I tend to scan posts in my feed and simply recognize certain users more by their photo than their user names. To me, it’s like showing up on a date and the other person is wearing a mask over his or her face. Companies and organizations that don’t use a photo might as well not be on Twitter at all.

What do you think? What other #fails on Twitter annoy you?

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