Tweet of the Day: January 25, 2010

In the last few days I’ve been giving credit to some of my favorite tweets on Twitter by re-tweeting them with the preface “Tweet of the Day”. This is mainly to highlight my admiration for the content of the tweet – whether humorous, insightful, or relevant to a particularly timely matter – by giving it some extra special props.

Then I thought, why not make this a regular feature and post “Tweets of the Day” on my blog to keep a record of these gems of the Twitterverse? So today I present you with the very first Edge of Brooklyn “Tweet of the Day” and a new category by which to find them going forward.

Without further ado, I award today’s “Tweet of the Day” to Brian McCarthy, @NFLprguy, for his timely announcement regarding the The Game of the 2010 NFL Playoffs, if not the Decade: The Fumble Bowl.


Vikes-Saints w/ 57.9 million viewers was the most-watched non-Super Bowl TV show since Seinfeld finale-76.3m 5/14/98. pretty big

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