Tweet of the Day: January 26, 2010

Today’s “Tweet of the Day” is awarded to digital advertising agency R/GA for their sarcastic commentary on the tomorrow’s highly anticipated (to put it mildly), hotly-rumored Apple new product announcement.


Psst, check it–Apple’s launching the sexiest toaster in the history of the world, ever, and I’ve got pix:

photo via

Those of us who are Apple-philes, and pretty much the rest of the free world, know that on Jan 27, 2010, Steve Jobs will reveal the single greatest invention ever known to digital mankind. And with each day that passes the rumors heat up to the point where it’s now boiling. What we know: it will be some kind of tablet/multi-touch screen /SUPERiPhone/e-book reader killer (Maybe). It might be called the iTab or the iSlate or the iPad or maybe even the iLoveSteveJobs. What we don’t know is anything. Nobody has pictures. As Apple has proved with the iPod, the iPhone and pretty much everything else that it releases, Jobs and company are going to wow us with something we never before thought of. And in a few years we’ll be laughing at all these silly predictions – just like we are now about the original iPhone pre-release ads.

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