iPhone Home Screen for the Social App Addict

Courtesy of yours truly (yes, this is my newest home screen):

Also, a MUST READ on social app addiction: David Berkowitz’s latest post, “Checking In, Checking Out” on his Inside the Marketers Studio Blog.

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2 Responses to iPhone Home Screen for the Social App Addict

  1. That’s an intense home screen. I’m so old school I still have email has a main button, and settings so i can turn wifi on and off.

    Thanks for sharing the post.

    • Dana says:

      Yep, I eventually realized those were my most-accessed apps so why not make them as easily accessible as possible? As I use Yelp & 4Sq more for check-ins I don’t want to have to scroll through pages to get to them (especially, as you pointed out, when I’m doing it quickly while out with others). Haven’t quite caught on to using the iPhone search to access buried apps yet.

      The one app I can never change the position of is the camera. If I have it anywhere but upper right I can’t find it. Crazy me.

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