Live Tweetathon: NFL Championship Sunday

This past Sunday the Twitterverse was all, well, atwitter about the NFL Conference Championship games:  Jets at Colts at 3pm EST for the AFC title and Vikings at Saints at 6:30pm EST for the NFC title. The stakes were high as the winner of each matchup would earn a ticket to the Super Bowl on February 7. You probably couldn’t get a tweet in edgewise without hearing about Brett Favre or those other guys who were playing. Perhaps you were part of the tweetathon. Perhaps you ignored Twitter altogether and just watched the game. Or perhaps you were one of the few who had to leave the room because the intensity was going to cause the windows to implode.

In any case, that’s where I come in. Inspired by Amanda Rykoff‘s “Tale of the Tweets” feature on her  blog The OCD Chick, where she captures her own Twitter stream during games, I decided to do a tweet-by-tweet recap of The Best of Sunday’s NFL Conference Championships – at least from myself (@dwag29) and those I follow. Tweets ramped up as the day went on, so I apologize for not capturing as much of the Jets-Colts game. Saints fans: Enjoy! Vikings fans: Beware.

Pre-game buzz:

dwag29 Let’s see Favre cry like Tebow! RT @amandarykoff: OCD Chick’s NFL Conference Championship Picks: #jets #saints#whodat

MattRod I had no idea that in 1969 season the Jets, Mets, and Knicks all won first-time championships. NYTimes –

amandarykoff You’ll be glad to know that the bar has Yuengling on tap. And now so do I! #beer

amandarykoff Specfreakintacular. OMG. This place is bananas. #jets

3PM EST: New York Jets at Indianapolis Colts. Final: Colts 30, Jets 17.

amandarykoff You don’t often see Braylon with YAC. Since it requires making the catch

plamorte Seriously it’s the twilight zone– a non-missed FG and a ball Edwards didn’t drop. #Colts #Jets

dwag29 Wait a minute… “Vikings” and “Saints” are trending? Am I watching a tape-delay of #jets#colts?

aaronswray @dwag29 This game doesn’t have Farve

dwag29 @aaronswray No FAVRE TALK ALLOWED THIS EARLY!

kerrence @dwag29 we do not speak the Dark Lord’s name

dwag29 Touchdown #Jets. The rout is on.

dwag29 Tweet of the Day: RT @amandakaschube: FL Gator fan just tried to run my car off the road. Do you think they know I make fun of THE TEBOW?

amandarykoff It’s so loud at the bar I can’t hear how quiet it is in the dome in Indy. #jets

dwag29 But Rex is not the Jets QB. RT @BradBiggs: You’ve seen the Colts trail 14-6 in a playoff game before. It was Super Bowl XLI vs. the #Bears.

dwag29 Halftime beer run. Must stock up so I have enough to get through the “He Who Shall Not Be Named” Bowl.

ataccini This is one of the better NFL announcing crews, but I disagree with assertion last #Jets drive was a success. Successful drive = points.

Adambuckled Something tells me the next player to score will be wearing green and will be playing defense. #jets #colts

goldengirlsfans That f-ing kicker Feeley! Trade him. We should be up by 3 right now!!

Adambuckled Something tells me I’m not psychic.

amandarykoff Congrats Jets on a great playoff run. Now if you’ll excuse me, “WHO DAT!!!!!!”

NDEddieMac Sweet, kids in Africa can enjoy a new set of footballs along w/ their NYJ AFC Champion shirts

Post-AFC game analysis and pre-NFC game previews:

harrislacewell For all my new tweeps I need to warn you that I am a #Saints fan supreme. The tweets will get increasingly nuts today. Forgive me. #whodat

harrislacewell Promise to return to politics, race, national service, issues of world significance on MONDAY. Today is ALL #whodat & maybe some JP2010.

amandarykoff RT @williamfleitch Ok, Saints, it’s up to you. I want to watch the Super Bowl without hating Earth. Only you can make that happen. #favre

Aisle424 Let’s face it, we’ll need to wear earplugs for the next two weeks, but Favre Vs. Manning would be a great Super Bowl matchup

illini3sc Running theme of playoffs – missed field goals. Feely makes all three it’s a one score game.

aleagueofherown You had better not let me down, Brees!!!!!! #purduesucks #favresucksworse

dwag29 If they start singing “Go Colts Go” some necks will be broken. RT @ SarahSpain: Hey #Colts fan with the #Cubs “W” flag- go eff yourself.

aleagueofherown #Colts fan ruins post-game with #Cubs “W” flag. Enjoy that karma, Colts fans!

kerrence our father who art in NOLA, Breesus be thy name, please kicketh the shit out of Favre’s Wranglers. Amen

dwag29 To everyone making fat jokes about Rex Ryan: not cool. #jets

BillPlaschke How many people in this country even know the name of the Colts head coach? Of those who do, who can pick him out of a crowd?

meadonmanhattan #Favre on smacking fellow players’ butts: “You don’t want to cup it. You want to…smack.”

anamariecox Brett Favre just explained on teevee how to properly slap ass: “Ya can’t cup it.” I am going to start watching football more closely.

harrislacewell I can’t breathe.
6:30PM EST: Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints. Final: Saints 31, Vikings 28.

amandarykoff God help me, I’m watching this game with one woman who likes Favre and another who likes Aikman. #FML

marlaerwin Dude — I can sing the national anthem better than this AI guy. EAR PAIN.

dwag29 Uh oh, Joe Buck is announcing. Auto-program #announcerfail into your iPhones/BBs, folks. (cc: @amandarykoff, @grmeyer).

harrislacewell That’s just cause we like to do it the hard way. No worries. Bring da wood Saints. #whodat

BluntChick Just because I’m a Bears fan, I’m not going to be hating on Brett Favre, because I love the NFL. I respect all these guys too much to hate..

harrislacewell Is there a better place to watch football than a gay bar in NOLA? Cutters is on fire. #whodat

amandarykoff Who dat puttin on those moves????? #saints #effyoufavre

martisnow Favre on the ground, Favre on the ground, looking like a victory with Favre on the ground…

martisnow Helmet turned sideways, turf in his mouth, looking like a victory with Favre on the ground!

aleagueofherown Oh Favruh, #Bears fans could have told you Berrian wasn’t going to catch that. #Vikings #Saints

aleagueofherown Failing to allow #Favre to be awesome on national television? #FLAG


amandarykoff This bar is lousy with Vikings fans. #goodgodnewyorkhavesomeselfrespect

dbsalk Still waiting to see a football player NOT celebrate a touchdown and just act like it’s part of his job.

raczilla My cat Bunk is enjoying the NFC Championship game and it has absolutely nothing to do with football.

aleagueofherown Knocking #Favre down while he tries to be awesome? #FLAG

dwag29 If Musberger were calling this game, we’d hear “Get out the adding machines, folks. This one’s a shootout.” #saints #vikings

dwag29 I just pulled a Bellichik – yelled “Go for it!”  #onmy3rdbeersosueme

adecker31 So far, a) the crowd is awesome b) the 1985 Bears would be winning 34-0 c) the defenses are OVERMATCHED d) the game is awesome!

BillPlaschke This is one of those games where you don’t want to miss even one play…if I was home, I’d tivo every second I’m away from screen

SandraBernhard pam oliver is the bomb she is cool calm and laser focused, love the crown tattoo on her finger as well, she should call the whole game.

dwag29 Can we please see a montage of Drew Brees’s hometown? Almost forgot he was playing. #saints #Vikings #whodat

carr2n Vikes fans? Horns and fake pigtails. Saints fans? Fleur de lis marks under eyes and beads. Waitress? Referees uni, natch. #BarNone


raczilla Adrian Peterson fumbled the football. So unlike him…

carr2n A turnover in turnovers at Bar None. Vikes fans go from ecstatic to incredulous in span of a minute.

harrislacewell It’s halftime. We’re all tied up. Saints are gonna own second half. I respect Favre but THIS is OUR YEAR! Move aside here come the Saints.

BluntChick Pierre Thomas touchdown Saints! And I think its over, I have a feeling Favre is toast and the Saints are going to run away with the game now

marlaerwin RT@EricStangel: George H W Bush at game. W was supposed to go, but it always takes him a few days to get to New Orleans.

amandarykoff I’m going to start throwing things any minute. #goddammitbrettfavreisnotanationaltreasure

keithlawI read Favre’s lips while he was on the ground there: “Why isn’t camera #7 on me right now?”

dwag29 Doing my interception dance! #Favre

khuda1 Getting really tired of Joe Buck licking Brett Favre’s butt. #Vikings #Saints

BluntChick Favre Picked off and he’s down again.. Favre is done.. This is the most dramatic football game I have ever seen in my life!!

amandarykoff Hope I didn’t wake my neighbor’s 1 yr old son with that shriek of “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” #whodat #effyoufavre

amandarykoff Ironic story line: Tavaris Jackson leads Vikings to Super Bowl. #bwahahahahahahaha

Alyssa_Milano Watching football with my daddy and my brother. Go Saints!

ndtex Ok Saints, you know what you have to do: sweep the leg. Cobra Kai Dojo this shit.

keithlaw Favre hurts his head. Trainer checks on him, asks, “Are you retired?” Favre: “I don’t know.” Trainer, to coach: “He’s good!”

amandarykoff The Vikings will regret serving fried chicken at halftime.

BluntChick My mom walks in the door as I’m screaming at the TV, she must think that I’m REALLY INSANE now, instead of the KIND OF insane it was before!

Ernesto_H I don’t want Brett Favre to get hurt. I just want him to do the worst as he possibly can. #Saints #Vikings

amandarykoff Crap. Favre’s injury forcing the Vikings to give the ball to Adrian Peterson may end up winning the game for the Vikings. #irony

Ernesto_H #Vikings are turning the ball over in the Red Zone as if Jay Cutler was their QB. #Saints

dwag29 Fummmmmmbbbbblllle!!!! FINALLY Saints recover one!

dwag29 And we officially dub this: The Fumble Bowl. #vikingsgotslipperyhands

herloyalsons This quarter, the Vikings will play with a ball’o’butter!

marlaerwin LOL + weep. RT @JohnAmussen: The generosity of the Vikings in this game is overwhelming.

dwag29 Buck keeps saying “And Peterson hangs onto the ball”. Cause ya never know. #Vikings #Saints

BluntChick  Vikings are killing themselves with Fumbles,Saints are killing themselves with Penalties..And theyre both killing me with unbelievable drama

Aisle424 You know what I just realized? There has not been a single missed FG in this game. Mostly because no one has attempted one.

amandarykoff Or his late father! RT @calibadger: Dear joe buck..please watch/listen to a dodger broadcast with vin scully some time. Take notes. #nfl

herlihy Last time I experienced this much fumbling in one place was me working a bra clasp, circa 1989.

amandarykoff What he said. RT @sports_business: I’m only 2:37 from not being able to watch the Super Bowl or any media coverage. Get it together #Saints.

melisgreenhawt Favre is thinking: I can throw the TD and risk pick 6 or play it safe for my kicker. Here comes the #favrepick6

amandarykoff I am literally rocking back and forth like a child. #ohthehumanity

amandarykoff SO THERE IS A FOOTBALL GOD!!!!!! #favred #whodat

danshanoff ohmygodohmygod couldn’t have drawn it up better.

melisgreenhawt Vintage Brett Favre

amandakaschube That was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Favre. oh sweet mama #Vikings #Saints

amandarykoff RT @elsaul: Favre showing why he’s the best. At throwing interceptions!

yggiz I am to old for this. Oh my

desipiodotcom So the Vikings have had 6 fumbles, two INTs, terrible coaching and horrible decision making and the Saints still haven’t won?

amandarykoff Hyper. Ventilating. #whodat

Thankphil This is like that bloody Northwestern, Auburn bowl game. Last mistake loses!

kerrence What, no FAVRECAM?’

JacquelinePurdy The correct spelling of Brett Favre’s name is No. 3 with the misspelling still holding at No. 2

melisgreenhawt And Brett Favre’s last pass for the Vikings is likely to be an Interception

Post-game analysis:

harrislacewell Who dat!!!!!!

unmarketing Congrats New Orleans. Your city deserves a break. See you in the Superbowl. Love, Canada

MattRod I’m officially in line for a ticket for a seat on the Saints bandwagon

lazerow Let the Favre retirement speculation begin.

amandarykoff I am so happy right now I actually think I might cry. God I love New Orleans.

harrislacewell I’m adopting a kid just so I can name it Garrett.

amandarykoff True story: my first football game ever was LA Rams vs. New Orleans Saints. Dad took me b/c nobody wanted to see the Saints.

Aisle424 RT @JonathanSacks: Saints make it to their first Super Bowl, and Fox shows an extended shot of Favre. And then another for the hell of it.

cubsjunkie Twitter exploded. Haha

harrislacewell I wish Twitter had audio. Y’all gotta hear the noise in NOLA right now.

MattRod I just looked up “schadenfreude” in the dictionary and saw a photo of Brett Favre.

TheCubsInHaiku Tonight Favre blew it / And football fans everywhere / Feel satisfaction #Saints #Vikings

amandarykoff NOLA!!!! RT @ticktock6: OMG! There’s fireworks!!! People are honking their horns! Random people are running up and down my street yelling!

MarleeMatlin Rooting for New Orleans, the town that rose up out of the horror of Katrina. New Orleans is BACK! Congrats on your first NFC Championship!

amandarykoff Win! RT @NakedBabyPhotos: FAVREPALM

Ernesto_H: Now I feel almost kind of bad for Brett Favre.

Ernesto_H Another great explanation of a trending topic.

Believe it or not, I actually didn’t capture all of @amandarykoff‘s tweets from the day here. So now you can just mosey yourself over to her NFL Championship Sunday Tale of the Tweets to read her entire stream of consciousness throughout the day. Guaranteed hilarity. Thanks for the inspiration, and pingback, OCD Chick.

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