Upper East Side Travels to Brooklyn (and Lives to Blog About It!)

Ok, I confess: I’m a bad Brooklynite. I’ve never been to the Brooklyn Museum, despite the fact that I lived in Park Slope for eight years, just “steps away” (as local real estate agents would say). As many New Yorkers know, it seems that when you live in the cultural hub of the world, sometimes you take it for granted and miss out on the wealth of culture around you.

Thankfully, there’s one New Yorker who is taking advantage her current unemployment status to explore and blog about those gems of New York City that she has never seen. Amanda Rykoff’s “Tourist for a Day” feature on her blog, The OCD Chick, chronicles her touristy adventures through all corners of the city. This week she made the trek from the Upper East Side of Manhattan to Prospect Heights (quite a feat in itself) to see the Brooklyn Museum’s “Who Shot Rock & Roll” exhibit in its final weekend. Below is an excerpt.

Who Shot Rock & Roll Highlights

Here are just a few of the many reasons why you should go see the Who Shot Rock & Roll exhibit:

1. Do you like rock music and photography? If you answered yes, you should go.

2. Would you enjoy seeing incredibly intimate photos of musicians like Elvis Presley, The Beatles and the Rolling Stones before they became famous? If you answered yes, you should go.

3. Can I interest you in a photo of Jimi Hendrix playing a guitar – wearing a tuxedo! – backing up Wilson Pickett just one year before he was burning his guitar on stage at the Monterey Music Festival? If you answered yes, you should go.

4. How about a photo of James Brown taken by…Dennis Hopper? Yes, that Dennis Hopper. Turns out in addition to being a crazy psychopathic actor, he’s also an artist, photographer and sculptor. If that interests you, you should go.

5. Or David Gahr’s 1978 photo of Bruce Springsteen in Red Bank, NJ, standing in a doorstep and laughing as he poses with 8 smiling, giddy teenage girls? I’m not doing the picture justice, but it was one of my favorites of the entire exhibit. Just trust me, it should interest you. And you should go.

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