From Hashtag to Handle: The #BeersofTexas Tour

Those who know me know that I love beer. I like a hoppy ale, a rich lager, an occasional oatmeal stout, and will pretty much only tolerate a “water beer” if it’s free. Sometimes, not even then. And I love the process of discovering new beers as much as I love drinking it.

As I prepared for my trip to the annual South by Southwest Interactive conference and festival in Austin, TX, I decided that I would ask my Austin-based friends for the best local beers that I should try while in town. The answers: Independence, Live Oak, Fireman’s 4 were must-hunt-downs. Shiner Bock and Lonestar would be on tap everywhere. The mission was clear: Amanda and I would attempt to try local Texas beers wherever we went. The result: tweeting our adventures and tagging our tweets #beersoftexas.

The adventure began on our second night in Austin, after a day of extreme frustration. We were booked at a hotel in Boondocks, TX (okay, about 20 mins outside of downtown, 30 mins in traffic which was pretty much the case) which would just make it impossible to experience SXSW as it must be experienced. Our Friday mission was to find a new hotel, at any cost. Thanks to divine intervention from the Patron Saint of Convenience, we scored a room off a last-minute cancellation at the Courtyard Marriott, across the street from the Austin Convention Center where SXSW events were taking place. Not only that, but right in our hotel was Champions Sports Bar & Restaurant. What we really needed at that moment was a beer (or two, or three), a burger (veggie for me, of course) and a place to watch the Big East basketball tournament. Score. Score. Score.

After a full day of #beersoftexas tweets, and telling those we met about this endeavor, we received a recommendation from Dave Kerpen at The K Buzz: turn the hashtag into a handle and start a Twitter account. We could then start other “beers of” accounts and monetize through advertising from local beer brewers all over the country. Brilliant! But would it work? Would anyone follow @beersoftexas? We would soon find out.

What follows is a Tweetcap of the #BeersofTexas Tour. Between the two of us we ended up trying nine different Texas beers and the winners were clear. If you’re a Texas beer expert, comment or follow @beersoftexas on Twitter and let us know if you agree, disagree, or if we missed anything! We’ll be back next year to do it again.

dwag29: After the day we’ve had, burgers and beers are most definitely in order.

amandarykoff: Austin Amber done. Next local beer: Shiner Bock.#beersoftexas #sxsw

dwag29: #BeersofTexas Roundup: Fireman’s 4 = fail. Austin Amber = meh. #sxsw

amandarykoff: Lone Star Beer. Bland. Really bland. #beersoftexas

amandarykoff: Ziegen Bock. Made by Budweiser but sold only in Texas. That counts, right? #beersoftexas

dwag29: Taking a break from the #beersoftexas tour to get back to some Hawaiian brew. Kona Longboard in the house.

dwag29: The #beersoftexas tour continues with Live Oak Big Bark Amber Lager. Now that’s a mouthful. Texas wouldn’t do it any other way.

amandarykoff: Live Oak Big Bark Amber Lager. From Austin. #beersoftexas

dwag29: Dive bar heaven. Magic Hat #9 and Brooklyn Lager will interrupt the #beersoftexas tour. (@ The Jackalope w/ @amandarykoff)

dwag29: #BeersofTexas Tour continues: Ziegen Bock. #kickapps (@ Hickory Street Bar & Grille w/ 11 others)

amandarykoff: Bar is out of Fireman’s 4, so can’t cross off list of #beersoftexas. Dagnabbit.

dwag29: Shiner Bock in a bottle. Nope, not impressed. Best so far as been Live Oak’s Big Bark.

dwag29: Pecan Porter FTW! #beersoftexas (@ Cedar Door w/ @amandarykoff @unmarketing)

dwag29: Last night @davekerpen suggested we take #beersoftexas to a new level: from hashtag to handle. Would you follow @beersoftexas?

dwag29: #SxSW 2011: @amandarykoff & I will be leading a panel- From Hashtag to Handle: How #BeersofTexas Became an Internet Phenom – And So Can You.

dwag29: Saw it in the lobby of Driskill. Classy. #beersoftexas RT @CarriBugbee: How drunk is SXSW? Follow the tweeting breathalyzer

amandarykoff: Shiner Bock ad on UberTwitter. Either it’s serving ads based on geotagging or it’s reading my #beersoftexas tweets.

amandarykoff: Cooler is packed and ready for Salt Lick. #beersoftexas

dwag29: Shiner Bock draft. Waiting to see where ND ends up. #selectionsunday #espn #beersoftexas (@ Champions Restaurant & Sports Bar)

dwag29: #BeersofTexas Bracket 1 seed: Live Oak Big Bark. 2 Pecan Porter 3 Shiner Bock 4 Austin Amber 5 Ziegen Bock 6 Fireman’s 4

amandarykoff: Bbq bus is out of Shiner. Guess who has two thumbs and a cooler full of Shiner? This girl! #BeersofTexas

dwag29: Magnolia Menu = AWESOME for vegetarians. #FoodofTexas at #sxsw has rivaled #BeersofTexas.

dwag29: Gingerbread pancakes as appetizer. With Shiner Bock. Win. #beersoftexas

dwag29: Realized that I’ve had pecan pancakes and Pecan Porter, but not together. May have to change that. #beersoftexas #foodsoftexas

amandarykoff: Another convert. #beersoftexas RT @clayhebert: Getting some Live Oak Big Bark on the recommendation of @amandarykoff.

dwag29: New stop on the #BeersofTexas Tour: Real Ale Rio Grande. Sleeper in the bracket. (@ Champions Restaurant & Sports Bar w/ 15 others)

dwag29: #BeersofTexas CORRECTION: It’s Rio Blanco, not Rio Grande. It was delish. But they ran out. Now onto 512 IPA.

BeersOfTexas: Major upset! 512 IPA just ousted Real Ale’s Rio Blanco. We have a new 3 seed in the #BeersofTexas SxSW Madness Bracket!

BeersOfTexas: Updated #SXSW Madness Bracket. Make your picks. #bracketology #beer #beersoftexas

dwag29: @davekerpen took your advice and started @beersoftexas. Check out the #beersoftexas sxsw madness bracket.

davekerpen: @dwag29 sweet. I love @beersoftexas AND #beersoftexas

amandarykoff: – Beer o’clock bitches! #beersoftexas

dwag29: Not feeling any of the panels right now. May need to head over to Champs & see if I can catch the #Cubs #Rangers game. #beersoftexas

dwag29: And craaaaap. The #Cubs #Rangers game is not on tv. Well, I still have my 512 IPA to enjoy. #beersoftexas

beersoftexas: Beer o’clock at #sxswi. 512 IPA FTW.

dwag29: My home away from home away from home. #beersoftexas FTW (@ Champions Restaurant & Sports Bar w/ 15 others)

dwag29: What else would we get with Queso but a couple of Shiners? #beersoftexas

amandarykoff: Big Bark Amber and shuffleboard on last night. Perfection. #BeersOfTexas (@ Buffalo Billiards w/ 3 others)

amandarykoff: #beersoftexas await! RT @dwag29: 2 women getting off a plane in Austin. OH: “I feel like drinking already!” Welcome to #SXSW, ladies.

beersoftexas: As a wise man once said, it’s 5:00 somewhere!

beersoftexas: Adios, Austin! We will miss you, Live Oak, @ShinerBeer and @512Brewing. Until next year!

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