Now Drinking: Lagunitas New Dog Town Pale Ale

“Think Globally, Drink Locally” – Laguintas Brewing Company

Tonight I ventured into my corner bodega, which touts itself as a “Specialty Beer Store” with over 500 beers. After the devastation of the Ghana loss in the World Cup, I was in the mood to try a new beer. As I scanned the rows of six packs my eyes fell upon Laguintas. I’ve tried their Copper Ale previously, and as a lover of ales I knew I liked it. But I wanted something new. Kind of like pizza and Mexican food, I’m always in the mood for a pale ale. I’ve rarely found one I disliked. IPAs are my staple. I thought about getting their signature IPA, but I’ve been a little heavy on the IPAs lately, so I went with the New Dogtown Pale Ale. Much to my pleasure, New Dogtown is as satisfying — a very smooth ale with just the slightest spicy kick in the aftertaste.

Below is some background on Laguintas and New Dogtown.

The Brewery

From Wikipedia:

The Lagunitas Brewing Company is a brewery founded in 1993 in Lagunitas, California, USA. They are known for iconoclastic interpretations of traditional beer styles, and irreverent descriptive text and stories on their packaging. Lagunitas Brewing’s flagship, IPA, is consistently the best-selling IPA in the state of California according to IRI, the widely cited consumer product reporting company.

The Beer


12 fluid ounces of Malt, Hops, Yeast, and water. We at the Lagunitas Brewing Company hope you enjoy this genuinely handmade ale. A lot of hard work and enthusiasm go into every aspect of brewing this Mondo Ultra Mega Super Premium Ale. From building the brewery itself to putting the cap on each and every bottle, virtually every step was done by hand. Take a Virtual Taste.

You can follow them on Twitter at @LagunitasT and @LagunitasBruhws


From By the Pint:

The New Dogtown Pale Ale is a dry, bitter Pale that manages to pack in a bit of flavor between the overpowering hops. There is some sweet and tangy citrus in this beer but it’s completely overpowered by the dry hops that coat your mouth just as you pick up on those sweet flavors. If hops if your flavor of choice then you’ll probably like this beer, otherwise don’t bother.

Hops is my flavor of choice, so I like this beer quite a bit, but I disagree that they are “overpowering.” In fact, I find the hops to be quite subtle and the sweetness stands out to me. Hmm, are we drinking the same beer?

On it gets mostly “A” reviews. One such reviewer says:

hints of grapfruit very apparent in the smell and taste. slightly bitter, sweet and tart finish. long flavor duration. way better than i would’ve expected. very different and exciting to the palate. great brew i would definitely drink again.

Verdict: if you like a hoppy beer (though not “overwhelmingly” hoppy, in my opinion) with some sweetness and spice, you should definitely pick this one up.

Any recommendations for my next beer to try and feature? Comment and let me know!

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