Twitter Makes “All The Tostitos” a Championship Meme

Yesterday I ranted a bit about how Tostitos was missing out on a big opportunity by not engaging with fans on Twitter in advance of and during the Fiesta Bowl and the BCS National Championship game, which they sponsor. But silly me. Who needs to market your own brand when you have one of the most famous announcers in college football and the Twitter community to do it for you?

In case you’re not a college football fan, or fell asleep before the end of the game, ESPN’s Brent Musberger, calling the play-by-play for the National Championship Game, uttered these soon-to-be famous words as Auburn lined up for what would be the game-winning, National Championship-clinching field goal:

Little did I know at the time that it would in fact be the tweet of the game! According to many news outlets sports fans were upset with Musberger for further corporatizing the game by giving Tostitos free publicity, but if you know Musberger, I think it was right in line with how corny some of his commentary can be.

All of a sudden, Musberger’s call exploded as a meme on Twitter, with tweeps making fun of  everything from Auburn QB Cam Newton’s potential recruiting violations, today’s announcement of the Verizon iPhone, quoting movie lines, quoting commercials, and so forth, all using the hashtag #allthetostitos to substitute for key phrases. There are waaay too many  to quote, but here are a few good ones from those I follow or retweeted by them:

@Stareagle: That’s one small step for man, #allthetostitos for mankind.

@keithlaw: #allthetostitos and all the king’s men… couldn’t give us an actual playoff in college football.

@Pete_Volk: “My name is Inigo Montoya. You ate all the Tostitos. Prepare to die.” #allthetostitos

@racheldulitz: If only the Yankees had offered Cliff Lee #allthetostitos

@aglock: “You want #allthetostitos? YOU CAN’T HANDLE ALL THE TOSTITOS!”

Holy Tostitos! They just got more than they ever could have asked for from social media — without doing squat on Twitter to instigate any kind of marketing. And it trended! And people are STILL talking about it today!

So naturally, with my trademark snark I tweeted:

Well, shame on me. <wrist slap> Someone from Tostitos – or, rather, their parent company Frito-Lay, did notice. It turns out that they do have an active Twitter account, @FritoLay, which immediately snatched up the popularity of the meme and  actually started inviting fans to talk about their “favorite #allthetostitos moments,” as well as chips, salsas and quesos, and actively keeping #allthetostitos going. Not only that, but they purchased a promoted tweet!

As a marketer who geeks out over brands using Twitter to its fullest potential, I’m very happy to see how they joined in on the fun. And they do run a very active, engaged Twitter account under Frito-Lay, but I still think a Tostitos-specific account would help the brand even more. @allthetostitos, anyone?  Oops, that was already landgrabbed. As well as

The moral of this story? Twitter rocks.

What do you think? Is “All the Tostitos” an early contender for meme of the year?

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2 Responses to Twitter Makes “All The Tostitos” a Championship Meme

  1. Eppie Vojt says:


    Great writeup about the #allthetostitos meme. I’m the guy that “landgrabbed” @allthetostitos and — pretty much immediately after hearing Brent say the words “this is for all the Tostitos.”

    I knew it would go viral and I wanted to do the meme justice. I’ve actually had contact with the folks at Frito-Lay and may be giving them @allthetostitos and the website. They were meeting today to figure what they want to do with the surrounding buzz.

    I think they’ve handled the whole thing quite nicely. It certainly doesn’t hurt that I’ve used the Twitter handle and website to help promote the meme too.


  2. Dana Wagner says:

    Killer idea – kudos. I saw how Tostitos is now using @allthetostitos and it looks like it’s been a huge brand win for them. Just goes to show how important social media buzz is for brands to take advantage of and how integral interaction can be. Excited to see how they continue with it.

    Love the #allthetostitos playbook and infographic!

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