About Me

Hello readers, and thanks for visiting this blog and wanting to know more about me.

My name is Dana Lancaster. I’m a digital marketer, currently employed by Oberon Media, a casual games distribution company.

In the fall of 2008 I started a “community blog” for our company, to encourage employees to share ideas and information from their corners of the world, whether related to what we were doing at work or just what interests us. I found that I was mostly blogging about things that interest me in the media and marketing world, but wanted a forum to share more of my personal passions without thinking about whether it’s acceptable on a “company” forum, albeit an unofficial one. So here I am starting my own blog, Edge of Brooklyn.

Since the mid-90s I’ve been fascinated with the WorldWideWeb/Information Superhighway/Internet and its ability to connect people and information, so it seems natural that my career would be focused in the online world. And yet…

I entered University of Pennsylvania in 1996 wanting to be a writer , and got my BA in European History intending to become an historical fiction novelist, thanks to encouragement from a particular professor of Russian history my freshman year. But somehow my extreme obsession with music and desire to promote my favorite artists to everyone I knew got in the way of such an intellectual pursuit and, with an internship at Atlantic Records my senior year, I accidentally fell into marketing. A few jobs later I was doing marketing on the web. I still love history, though.

I am passionate about mobile apps, well-designed products, websites that deliver amazing user experiences, being a part of this whole social media revolution (aren’t we at least at Web 3.0 by now?), and rabidly following college and professional sports teams that break my heart year in and year out (Go Cubs! Go Bears! Go Irish!).

I live in Brooklyn, NY and adore everything about Brooklyn culture. I hope to comment frequently about things going on in this beautiful borough.

I love craft beer and try to incorporate local beer discovery into most of my travel experiences. I created a category on the blog called The Beer Tour to highlight some of these findings.

I’m also extremely active on Twitter, both with my personal account, @dwag29, and my @drinklocal account.  Follow me there, won’tcha? Not on Twitter? Whhhhaaat? Well, I can be reached by that old form of communication, e-mail, too. danamlancaster[at]gmail[dot]om.


3 Responses to About Me

  1. sis says:

    you’re pretty cute

  2. bullpenbrian says:

    Dana, don’t fret over Gregg’s blown save! Cubs are still strong despite all the injuries!!!

    ~Nice blog:)

    • dwag says:

      actually, it was a blown non-save! even worse. 😉 that’s my new baseball stat: BNS. heilman got the BS, even though the runs were charged to gregg.

      i haven’t lost total confidence in him, but do think Marmol would make a better overall closer.

      Thanks for the compliment, like your blog too!

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