Blog Intro

Reposting my first blog post as a separate page for introductory purposes…

I named this blog “Edge of Brooklyn” for a few reasons…

1)   I’ve lived in Brooklyn since 2001 and I am passionate about this borough’s history and culture. Brooklyn has a feeling all its own that distinguishes it from the other boroughs and NYC in general. There’s a reason why people have said for years “Brooklyn is the new Manhattan”. Rent isn’t that much cheaper anymore. Over the last six years, all but one of my “staunchly Manhattan” friends have moved to Brooklyn. I don’t see my friends who live in Astoria or Forest Hills wearing Queens hoodies or t-shirts. Brooklyn embodies a great mixture of the past and the present: the history of my grandparents, who grew up near Brighton Beach but eventually moved west to Calfornia, and an art/music/media/fashion culture that continues to break new ground and define the “edginess” of Brooklyn culture today and tomorrow.

2) I just moved to Bay Ridge, which is on the southwestern side of the borough. I have an awesome view of the Verazzano Bridge and the bay between Brooklyn and Staten Island from my sixth-floor apartment. Quite literally, I am on the edge of Brooklyn.

3) I’m passionate about the current and future state of digital technology and media,  particularly fascinated with individuals, brands and companies who are breaking new ground and defining what is cutting edge in the digital world.

So there you have it. I’ll probably use this blog as a way to experiment with my own voice and writing style, as well as share information that is primarily interesting to me and hopefully interesting to you. Feedback is highly encouraged.


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