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We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Badges! Or Do We?

During the NBA Finals this year I did something I never thought I’d do. I intentionally checked in on Foursquare when I wasn’t planning to go somewhere, just to get a badge. For the finals between the Lakers and Celtics, the NBA partnered with Foursquare to offer team badges. “Go Lakers!” comments with any check-in earned the user a Lakers badge; “Go Celtics!” comments earned the Celtics badge. Continue reading

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Live Music is in Fashion at Brooklyn Industries

It’s no secret that Brooklyn Industries is my favorite retailer on the planet. That’s right, not just in Brooklyn – ON THE PLANET. Just wait until they open a store on Mars. I will buy a new hoodie or handbag in a split-second if I pass by a BKI (did I mention I’m the Mayor of the Park Slope 5th Avenue Store on Foursquare? And I live in Bay Ridge). Needless to say, BKI doesn’t need to do much more to woo me into their stores. But maybe I can woo you in… Continue reading

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Yesterday Happened Here: Merging the Old with the New at SXSW

The tagline for the annual South by Southwest conference and festival is “Tomorrow Happens Here.” It ┬áis known to be the place where new music, film, media and technology break ground. For the Interactive portion of the event, SXSWi, new … Continue reading

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Social Media Week NYC Prediction: Geolocation services are going to be “HUGE”

February 1-5 was Social Media Week in New York City, with panel discussions, events and parties happening all over the city. The buzz before the week was about “geolocation services” and I heard many a prediction that it would be … Continue reading

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